Secret Sauce for Productive Meetings

PMI - Useless Meetings

I read with interest the recent article from the Voices on Project Management Blog,?How to Avoid Useless Meetings?and?offer some additional thoughts below.

  1. In addition to a having an?agenda that includes the details the article describes, you?should distribute the agenda at least 24 hours in advance. ?Sometimes that will mean last-minute adjustments might?be necessary, so plan for that, as well.
  2. Use a “parking lot” to help avoid?cutting short a session at the last minute.
  3. Breaks should be at least 10 minutes regardless of the frequency. ?In addition to?allowing for the?- and check emails. ?Otherwise, attendees might be?more likely to check email during the meeting, when you’d rather they be fully engaged.
  4. ?Have your facilitator’s hat on and ready for use during the meet and greet part of the session the article recommends. ?Notwithstanding the fact that you undoubtedly would have set parameters (e.g., give your name and role), you should be prepared for the one person (and there usually is one) who goes a bit long.
  5. ?Totally agree – try to limit the number of attendees!