January 4, 2015




3Sixty Pharma Solutions provides Subject-Matter Expert Project Management in Clinical Research, Regulatory, Medical Affairs, and Marketing for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences organizations.

Whether our award-winning Subject-Matter Experts are rolling up their sleeves to drive processes or devising high-level strategy, organizations value our cross-functional-knowledge-based approach to project management and believe it advances the realization of their business-critical goals. Two essential components are innovation and transparent, fresh approaches. 3Sixty Pharma Solutions brings ideas that break through barriers to growth, position an organization to attain seemingly unreachable goals, and can propel performance to new heights.

Additive to these components is our proprietary two-pronged approach, ADVANCEs, which we apply across the drug development-to-market launch continuum – pairing efficient and effective development and analysis with the ability to inform content and execute with excellence.  

This formidable combination facilitates breakthrough business growth, catalyzes sustainable change, and reinforces an organization’s ability to enhance patient care.  

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